Advance Salon Management system

Advanced Salon Cloud Management System for Personal Care Centers


What does Naeem offer you?

Center Working Hours

Complete and effective scheduling of all works and reservations within the system, suitable for the times and working days allocated to the center

Branch Management

The ability to manage multiple branches of the company with allocation in terms of personnel, resources, reservations and financial details

Staff working hours

Comprehensive management of employees’ working times, distributing them to different working hours (shifts), and rotating between them in a way that suits parity and effectiveness.


With Naeem, the management of financial operations has become very easy and effective, with the system for managing daily sales operations, easy and fast, with the support of many and effective payment methods


An advanced dynamic reservations system that enables you to create and follow up your center reservations to give you a complete view of the center’s status with ease and effectiveness

Customer Balance

Maintain the balance of each of your customers with the ability to use the balance for future reservations, withdraw the balance or rotate the balance between services


Naeem’s Unique Capabilities

Certified for electronic billing

A system approved by the Zakat and Income Authority as an accounting system for managing personal care centers and managing reservations

Managing employee

The possibility of assigning the invoice to the employee at the moment of its creation, as the system calculates the commission percentage of the invoice for the employee automatically without the intervention of the cashier, thus you have an automatic and accurate commission system for each invoice


You can introduce your customers, know their previous and upcoming reservations, and report the most important workers to you

Control Over the Working Period

The system allows you to control the work period, where you can open a daily work period, then use the system to issue daily invoices, and then close the work period so that the operations are calculated based on what happened during the work period


The daily report is a report that is extracted at the moment of closing the work period, showing all invoices created during the work period and commissions for employees, as well as the paid and remaining commissions for the relevant period.

and many more...

Financial reports, services and employees, analytical charts and many more features that will move your business a quantum leap

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